BDT 380
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    Category: Snacks
    Brand: Munchy's
    • Product Type: Biscuits
    • Brand: Munchy’s
    • Weight: 390g
    • 100% Halal
    • Premium Quality

    In a world of parity and ordinary cream crackers, here comes Munchy's with a cream cracker that is unique and tasty! With distinctive innovation, quality assurance, research and development, the perfect dip size cream cracker is made with love in the Munchy's factory for all cream cracker lovers out there! Not only is the taste of the cream cracker delicious with a crispy texture, it is also designed to be your mug's best friend - Kawan Cawan Anda! The perfect dip size cream cracker can be easily dipped into a cup of your favourite hot beverage. Can it get any better? Yes! The cream cracker is also designed for your convenience! It comes in easy-to-open convenient sachets that you can put anywhere and to be eaten at any time!

    Eating crackers have never been this fun, even your cup wants to be a part of it! Get your Munchy's perfect dip size cream cracker now!

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