BDT 160
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    Category: Condiments
    • Product Type: Custard powder
    •  Brand: Foster Clark’s
    •  Net Weight: 300g
    • Product Dimension: 35 x 31 x 26.5 cm
    • Premium Quality
    • Excellent and Hygiene Product

    Foster Clark’s custard powder are excellent in quality and taste. Custard powder is a powdered mix used to make custard and is similar to mix used in instant pudding. Main ingredients of custard are milk, egg yolk, sugar, vanilla and some other ingredients. Preparing custard pudding is also very easy, just combine it with milk, cook it and you will have a pudding. It takes very less time to prepare custard dishes which makes it suitable for eating it as an evening snack. Children loves custard dishes, so definitely consider purchasing this product.

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