BDT 225
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    Brand: Pringles

    Delicious sour cream & onion chips from Pringles. These chips provide a taste sensation of sour cream, onion and potato in your mouth.

    • Suitable for Vegetarians
    • It is not greasy on your fingers and in your mouth
    • Bursting Flavour in every bite
    • Perfect for sharing at home, picnicking or road tripping
    • Uniquely shaped and well-seasoned

    Pringles potato chips have a rich blend of salt, onion, tang, and crispiness. Munch on these Pringles chips when you want a nice yet zesty flavour. The Pringles Sour Cream and Onion chips are a crispy delight. Don't worry about the party or picnic snack as these chips are sure to win hearts and water mouths. The mind blowing fusion of sour cream, onion, and potato together can't be measured by the imagination. It can only be felt truly felt by your taste buds. For an extra taste thrill, lick the powder off the crisp before crunching. Fun to munch on, these Pringles chips confirms the phrase, @once you pop you can't stop@. Get ready to escape the heat of the day while feasting on these delicious crisps. 

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