BDT 1435
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    Category: Beverages
    Brand: Tang

    Tang Comes In Refreshing Orange & Mango Flavour. Keep Everyone Refreshed This Summer With Tang And Its Great Fruit Taste With The Goodness Of Vitamins A, B, C, And Iron. A Glass Approximately 180Ml Of Tang Gives Your Child 60 Percent Of Vitamin C Required For The Entire Day. Tang Orange Drink is a rich source of vitamins and iron. Tang Powder makes a refreshing drink that releases extra energy and rejuvenates you. When it comes to hydration – Tang gets it done. Ensure your family stays hydrated with the great fruit taste of tang available in Orange & Mango flavor. It is fortified with vitamins A, B, C, and iron. Tang makes water more fun to drink ensuring that your family stays hydrated. A glass (approximately 180ml) of Tang gives your child 60% of vitamin C required for the entire day.

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