BDT 1750

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    Category: Beverages

    Product Types: Instant Drink
    Brand: Foster Clark's
    Size: 2.5kg
    Flavor: Mandarin
    No added preservatives
    No artificial color
    Foster Clark's Instant Drink Mandarin (2.5 kg), makes a delicious and nutritious beverage. A 200 ml glass serving provides a full day's supply of vitamin C. Foster Clark's Orange Drink has no artificial color

    Foster clark's mandarin instant flavored drink is made from artificial mandarin flavour this drink gives us that fresh, refreshing taste. Keep yourself cool and beat the heat with the fruity flavor of this mandarin drink. The yummy taste of this juice is a hit with both young and old. It is a refreshing drink to quench the thirst. Instant flavored drink makes a delicious and nutritious beverage.

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