To satisfy the customers of, we have introduced an easy Return Policy. After receiving the product, if any manufacturing issues or problems are found then the customer has to inform us within 24 hours by e-mail, SMS, phone call or by posting notices on the website or by any other mode of communication.


If a customer finds any broken or packet damaged product, then he/she shall not accept or receive it from the courier service. In such case, if the customer receives the courier damaged product then he/she has to take the liability and any kind of complaint won't be acceptable.


If a customer has ordered any product from our website after reading all the information, specifications and descriptions about the particular product and receives it successfully without any faults; after then, if the product is not compatible with his/her setup or if he/she does not want it anymore, then he/she will not be allowed to change or return the product. 


A user may return any product during the time of delivery, or within 7 days if: 



We are continuously monitoring accounts of customers with excessive requests of returns and refunds. We take necessary steps to prevent this. 


A user may return any unopened or defective up to 20% and less, item within 7 days of receiving the item. But following products may not be eligible for return or replacement:





Azoka tries its best to serve the users. But if under any circumstances, we fail to fulfill our commitment or to provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours via phone/text/ email. If the service, that Azoka fails to complete, requires any refund, it be done maximum within 7 Days after our acknowledgement.


Refund requests will be processed under mentioned situation:



For all the above three scenarios, the refund amount will be sent to Azoka Balance of the customer. And the balance can only be used to purchase at Azoka. Upon customer's request, Azoka will transfer the refund amount to the user's original payment source within 7 days. Refund is only allowed for customers who have paid via bKash or card or other electronic method. For the orders that are paid via Cash, refund is only to be given through Azoka Credits. 

When a product is returned with proper reasoning, customer will be refunded back within 10 working days.


Refund charge applicable for Bkash / Bank Transfer





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