Who are We?


AZOKA took its first steps in April of 2021 when the demand for groceries and foreign food items had soared but remained primarily inaccessible to you ever since the pandemic dawned upon this country. We all took on various activities to keep ourselves entertained, some got into art, while you found the little chef hiding inside you. From the Dalgona coffee trend to the viral Feta Cheese pasta, you found your groove.


However, we know how it can be difficult to trust just any local shop when it comes to quality imports. You may have looked for premium imported products before and had to resort to pre-orders and lengthy wait periods for them to arrive. Worrying about expired products, costly imports beyond your budget, and late deliveries may be something you can relate to.


We understand your frustration all too well. You want to order a particular condiment necessary to ace the Gigi Hadid spicy vodka pasta (minus the vodka), but don’t know where to find it.


Here is where we come in! Azoka, at its core, is concerned with addressing these tidbits of a contemporary food eCommerce industry that demands so much. And we have just as much to give to you.


Who are You (to us)?


You are anyone who has a demand for premium quality but hasn’t met their match. You are what makes Azoka a unique brand; a direct response to the Bangladeshi demand for foreign food brands, online grocery shopping, and the need for transparency in eCommerce.


But to be more specific, it is you the youth, the millennials, and Gen Zs of our times. You who are socially aware of what you consume and willing to go the distance to fully verse yourself into how it’s made or whether it is ethically sourced; details, details, details, and we understand you! We get it!


To us, you’re the inspiration, the aim, and the finality in everything we do and hope to become. We are a contemporary brand that is socially apt and up to the standards that you have demanded all along.


You are open and audacious, looking to explore different tastes, cultures, and everything that makes you, you. You care for your health, but you also want the aesthetics to take over. As much as the world demands from you are just as much, you want back, and here at Azoka, we understand that very well. We’re here to give you both the razzmatazz of a new experience and the security you seek in terms of reasonable pricing, 24-hour accessibility, lots and lots of choices, and above all, transparency. 


We Have Arrived


Today, Azoka is home to over 800 products from numerous domestic and foreign brands, all sharing the same consistency in quality and price. We’re excited to tell you that our rapidly growing product range will only expand more as we establish long-term relationships with foreign food companies that are yet to explore the Bangladeshi food eCommerce market.


Alongside our growing product pool, Azoka places you and your experience right up at the top shelf at every juncture. We are committed to providing you with a seamless online shopping experience and the fastest delivery time always at your convenience. Just to let you in on it, we provide same-day deliveries, stock up on orders you queued for later deliveries, and ensure every order is received within 24 hours at the latest.


Where We Go From Here


Our goal is to cross the bridge between the Bangladeshi consumer market and foreign food trends for you. We aim to eradicate all forms of market uncertainty and lack of consumer confidence you as a customer have been facing, all the while maintaining the benchmark we set for ourselves with the quality of product and service and providing all of it at the best prices.


Whether it’s a Dairy Milk bar your sweet tooth craves at midnight, a dab of Tabasco Red Pepper sauce for the fries, or a cold Starbucks Frappuccino, here at Azoka, we’ve got it all. We want you to imagine a one-stop online store for everything local and foreign (do it!). We’re here to make that a reality. So skim through Golden Harvest, Aftab Foods or American Harvest, Reese’s, Heinz, ASDA, Kinder, and whatever you want, all in one place.


From the first tap on your mobile phone to that embracing smile of satisfaction you’ll give us when you open your doors to a big bag of goodies you’ve been wanting, Azoka will be right here and right there. Wherever that may be, you’ll decide!



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